animation - helps to draw attention - just where it is needed

A message about your Company, products or services can be made into
an interesting and attention grabbing animation.

Even small animations can GRAB attention!!!

Swiffy output

And please remember - animations from Clann Associates are viewable on all platforms - including iOS iPads and iPhones.

NO Flash? NO worries!

Even if you don’t have any photographic resources we can use words as icons to make simple, eye-catching animations

Product Animation

Product Animation is used where you want to demonstrate your product capabilities, features and benefits. Your customers will better understand how your product works and interaction with moving images will help them see what words alone may struggle to explain.

The service on offer from Clann Associates is complete. We bring our studio to your premises - take all the necessary product photos - talk to your specialists to properly understand HOW the product works and WHAT animation would best demonstrate the product features and benefits. Then, back at the studio, we do all the clever software stuff and produce output files that will run on any device - PC, Tablet or SmartPhone - and on any platform - iOS, Android, Windows etc.

Your customers can then see for themselves, on your website, how your products work and operate. Your Sales people can properly demonstrate features on their iPads or iPhones. Annotations can guide them through the process and zoom/magnify features are also possible.

Alternatively send your product to either one of our studios in Hampshire or London.

Please contact us for more information.

Using left-mouse-click, or finger,
drag left and right to control animation.

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360 degree spin photography EMBEDDED in an iPad
- means a Virtual Showroom on HD screens at exhibitions