Corporate Video produced in quick time

Cranbourne Stone Ltd – located just outside the beautiful town of Stockbridge in Hampshire – needed a Corporate Video producing for an exhibition. They knew exactly what they wanted but they needed it producing in a HURRY, so they called in Clann Associates.

cranbourne play

After a meeting on site to discuss requirements with the team at Cranbourne Stone still images were taken at the relevant locations throughout the plant – showroom, offices, warehouse, workshop etc.

Clann Associates then put together a ‘story board’ from the still images which would guide the video visitor through the facility. Apart from showing the viewer the various locations within the facility, the video had two main purposes…

First the video was required to demonstrate the capability of the Company’s CNC machining centre which cuts stone materials into complex shapes according to Computer Aided Design drawings (CAD) produced in-house by skilled members of the team. Precision and repeatability are the key benefits of CNC machined products and the results are stunning.

The second requirement of the video was to showcase some of the many successful projects so far undertaken by the Company. A gallery of images was added to the live video footage and a royalty-free music score was added to the 10-minute video.

Corporate Video produced in quick time

The whole project took less than two weeks, from start to finish, and the corporate video was delivered in Blu Ray format at stunning HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. Three different music scores were provided to relieve the tedium of the exhibition staff and the disc was set to repeat automatically.

A QR Code appeared in the corner of the screen during the entire video in order that visitors to the exhibition could take away contact details directly.

The highest quality video, customised to your specific needs, delivered in super fast time and at a price that will be a pleasant surprise! Call or contact Clann Associates today! 01256 770243


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