Digital Marketing – How do I decide which form is best for my Company?

Digital Marketing – How do I decide which form is best for my Company?

How do I decide which form of Digital Marketing is right for my company?

Digital Marketing – it’s a bewildering choice these days for companies trying to penetrate the internet and get themselves seen on the web. Which form of Digital Marketing is appropriate? A detailed report from Adobe is available FREE and will help make the decision.

Subjects discussed include 360 degree spin photography, dynamic animated displays, multi-media product viewing, e-catalogs etc. For your FREE copy contact us and include the words ‘Adobe Scene7’ in your message.

The key objectives of The Adobe Scene7 2011 Customer Experience in the New Decade Survey were to identify and analyze what online businesses plan to do in the next year to enhance their customer experience and drive conversions.

The results were compiled based on responses from a record 1,941 respondents representing represent businesses across diverse industries and regions, with more than half representing these industries: 1) advertising and interactive agencies; 2) media and publishing; 3) computer hardware, software and services; and 4) retail.

A short excerpt from the Adobe digital marketing report…

“Rich media and merchandising enhancements maintain their top effectiveness rankings by the highest number of people rating them “very effective.” For the third year in a row, the features rated “very effective” by the most respondents belong to the rich media category, with multimedia product viewing (integrating images, video, Flash, audio, spin, etc.) taking the top spot, followed by videos and mobile product information.

Below are the features that drew the most “very effective” ratings (actual or expected) by respondents who have deployed or plan to deploy them:

  1. Multi-media product viewing : 39%
  2. Videos for merchandising, advertising and demonstration: 36%
  3. Mobile product information: 36%
  4. Product tours: 34%
  5. Mobile check inventory status, in-store or Web: 34%
  6. Visual filtering & advanced search on product features: 34%
  7. Interactive catalogs & brochures: 34%
  8. Web-to-Print solutions for custom print products and materials: 34%”

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