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websites, graphics and photography

website photography - for web and print publishing from Clann Associates

Clann Associates have modern, portable, studio-quality equipment that can be used on location - at your premises or your customers - for the creation of high-resolution images. Alternatively, our studios in London and Hampshire can accommodate all your photographic needs without any disruption to your business.

For product photography simply ship your products to us using the economical City-Link UK collection service - click here for details - and we will take care of the rest.

Your images - whether produced by Clann Associates or by your own photographers - can be assembled into an eye-catching gallery which will show them off to the best advantage.

Galleries are interactive, so the visitor engages with the material and gets involved with the process and is able to explore. Sometimes the view is just too large to fit into a fixed window, and in these cases - as can be seen in the example below - we can pan across the image to show more detail.

Clann Associates can offer a range of gallery formats and remember - they are made without use of Flash,
and are viewable on all platforms - including iOS for iPad and iPhone.

This page features code in html5/CSS and JavaScript and displays successfully in all browsers EXCEPT Microsoft Internet Explorer.

If you are among those users running with Microsoft Internet Explorer - we are sorry! Unlike other browsers Internet Explorer is not yet able to display html5 according to W3C specifications.

You may wish to view this page using Flash technology - in which case please select the link below…

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HD Zoom

Check out some of our galleries…

Clann High Definition HD ZOOM delivers high-quality image viewing and zoom-and-pan interactivity - without Flash!
Be confident your web pages are accessible in all popular browsers on Windows and Macintosh AND NOW on iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices!
Click on the above image to experience
Clann HD ZOOM.

Sliding Gallery

Sliding Gallery is useful where there are a large number of images to show. The viewer can watch the thumbnail images scroll past at the bottom of the main image and can select which image to enlarge. Good also for use at exhibitions where product images can be set scroll past visitors.