Training Videos give users confidence to add news items themselves…

Training Videos give users confidence to add news items themselves…

training videosTraining Videos, Printed User Manuals and On-line User Manuals can provide the right level of training for users and these are available from the website ‘Dashboard’ as part of a range of WordPress Support Plans.

Client support is a subject we take very seriously. It is important to us, and to the well-being of the website, that clients have a degree of familiarity with the way things work. Training videos that are available from the dashboard ensure that clients have the right information at their fingertips. Clients who are effectively trained are more likely to have the confidence and ability to add news and blog items themselves. Websites that receive regular updates are more likely to get better SEO rankings. Read more about Client Support from Clann Associates

WordPress Support Plans

Security is of vital importance these days, for all websites, and the best way to improve protection is to keep everything up to date with the latest versions, which offer protection against current threats.

But keeping everything up-to-date can be a time-consuming inconvenience, especially for those less familiar with the details of WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins/Widgets. Updating requires ‘Administration’ authority which, for the inexperienced user, comes with the risk of deleting something by mistake – even the entire website – with just a few clicks!

With WordPress Support Plans you never have to worry about keeping everything up to date.  We will automatically update everything – including the WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins/Widgets – regularly and according to a strict schedule. We can backup the database, the website and all the news/blog items too. We can backup to the hosting server, or remotely to our own computers, or to Cloud-based storage solutions such as iCloud or DropBox.

The investment made in a website over a period of time can be very significant, both in terms of finance and creative time. The risk of losing a website – whether due to a client mistake or through malicious intent – may be small, but the consequences are enormous. Such risks can be minimised by suitable client training and effective website backup – features offered by a WordPress Support Plan at a modest monthly cost.

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