Web photography services – How do I make my website photography more appealing?

How do I make my website photography more appealing?

Web photography services

Web photography services from Clann can make your website photography more appealing.

These days everybody is a David Bailey! Anybody can take photographs, right? Everybody, but everybody has at least one digital camera, with another to hand in the mobile phone.

Websites everywhere are full of poorly taken photographs made by enthusiastic amateurs breaking all the rules and then wondering what went wrong.

Using a professional photographer who has suitable equipment, years of experience and a trained eye might not cost as much as you might imagine!

Good imagery creates a connection between your website viewers and your organisation so it is in your best interest to select the best imagery possible.

It’s no secret – the imagery on your website will be one of the main factors in how a website user will judge and connect to your organisation. Imagery often makes or breaks a website so it is in your interest to get the best possible images you can.

Should I be using stock photography?

There has been an ongoing debate over the benefit of stock imagery on websites. Traditionally the benefits and issues with stock photography are:


  • Large database of images
  • Easy access
  • Generally inexpensive
  • Quick to prepare for website and design use

Possible Problems and Issues:

  • Contrived
  • “Americanised”
  • Not unique (i.e. thousands of people have used the same image for their business)
  • Does not represent “real people”

Web photography services from Clann Associates

Web photography services from Clann Associates are amongst the lowest in the UK. Our rates are only £30 per hour and our results speak for themselves. Give us a call on 01256 770243 or contact us here.

Clann Associates are proud to announce that from 2013 additional photographic services are provided by our associate partners PRW Photography and Owen Silverwood Photography.


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