Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics Logo Rendering

computer graphicsComputer Graphics – achieve even greater impact with 3D Computer Graphic rendering of your corporate logo. Use it at exhibitions, in reception, as a screen saver – anywhere you want your logo to be noticed and admired.

The GREAT thing about CG is its scaleability! It can be scaled to the presentation without loss of resolution. The big screen at Wembley or Lords will show off your company logo in grand style – dream on!

Or, wake up and contact Clann!

Computer graphics is widespread today. The Computer imagery is found on television, in newspapers, for example in weather reports, or for example in all kinds of medical investigation and surgical procedures. A well-constructed graph can present complex statistics in a form that is easier to understand and interpret. In the media “such graphs are used to illustrate papers, reports, thesis”, and other presentation material.

Combined computer graphics and 360 degree spin – unique to Clann Associates!

computer graphics

This will tax your imagination! Think of your product – think of your product rotating – and now think of something rotating around your rotating product. Glass shards? Ice crystals? Gumballs? Probably not, but set your imagine free and then talk to Clann – we can probably do it!

Many powerful and effective tools have been developed to visualize data . Computer generated imagery can be categorized into several different types: two dimensional (2D),three dimensional (3D), and animated graphics.

As modern technology has evolved and improved, 3D computer graphics have become more common. Computer graphics has emerged as a sub-field of computer science which studies methods for digitally synthesizing and manipulating visual content. Over the past decade, other specialized fields have been developed like information visualization, and scientific visualization more concerned with “the visualization of three dimensional phenomena (architectural, meteorological, medical, biological, etc.), where the emphasis is on realistic renderings of volumes, surfaces, illumination sources, and so forth, perhaps with a dynamic (time) component”.

The interaction and understanding of computers and interpretation of data has been made easier because of computer graphics. Computer graphic development has had a significant impact on many types of media and have revolutionized animationmovies and the video game industry.

The phrase “Computer Graphics” was coined in 1960 by William Fetter, a graphic designer for Boeing. The field of computer graphics developed with the emergence of computer graphics hardware. Early projects like the Whirlwind and SAGE Projects introduced the CRT as a viable display and interaction interface. It also introduced the light pen as an input device. A programmer for the Whirlwind SAGE system performed a personal experiment in 1954 in which a small program he wrote captured the movement of his finger and displayed its vector (his traced name) on a display scope. The same individual, Douglas T. Ross, working at MIT on transforming mathematical statements into computer generated machine tool vectors in 1959 took the opportunity to create a display scope image of a Disney cartoon character.

Clann Associates are proud to announce that from 2013 additional photographic services are provided by our associate partners PRW Photography and Owen Silverwood Photography.