Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo design and refurbishment from Clann Associates

Logo design is carried out using the latest vector graphics software in order to preserve image quality even at very high magnification. The same logo design foundation is then used whether for printing business cards or signing a van, thus ensuring consistent branding and a professional image.

clann associates logo design3D Computer Graphic logo Rendering

Achieve even greater impact with 3D Computer Graphic rendering of your corporate logo design. Use it at exhibitions, in reception, as a screen saver – anywhere you want your logo to be noticed and admired.

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Because all Clann Associates logo designs are rendered in vector form they are completely scaleable without any loss of resolution. So THINK BIG!

The Oak and Pine Barn

logo design 1Logo developed for The Oak and Pine Barn. Emphasis is on a fast visual impact because of the long company name. Simple three colour treatment gives the ability to maintain consistency across website, sales literature, outside signage, vehicles, letterheads and business cards etc.

The logo has a stylish appearance, uses a prestigious font in keeping with the fine furniture produced by the Company, and  is immediately identifiable even from a distance. All Clann Associates logos are rendered in vector format so they are completely scale-able without any loss of resolution or granulation.


logo design 2The Planer logo was already well established and distinctive due to the open ‘A’ within the Korataki font.

Extra style was added by introducing an elongation effect – adding 10 percent kerning – and the addition of a reflection which adds interest and improves the aspect ratio.

Hampshire Tables

logo design 3The font is called Cold Spaghetti and was chosen for it’s modern, casual appeal, well suited to the young target market. The smooth eccentric rings suggest stability, openness and trustworthiness which characterises the core values of Hampshire Tables.Hampshire Tables do exactly what it says on the tin – they make tables in Hampshire!

The logo harmonises well with their website and other literature and is both simple and memorable.

The colours were chosen for their warmth and suitability for products fashioned in wood.


logo design 4Again, this logo was already well established but did benefit from some refurbishing touches. The original logo was rather cramped in places and was opened up so that the individual elements could ‘breathe’. Colouring was also changed to increase the contrast against a white background.


Optimal Sports Therapy

logo design 5

The logo design for Optimal Sports Therapy combines three elements in one design. The exercising manikins suggest a fitness and wellness regime, the hand shaping a circle suggests an optimal condition and the colours are from the corporate palette.

Clann Associates are proud to announce that from 2013 additional photographic services are provided by our associate partners PRW Photography and Owen Silverwood Photography.