Sales Literature

Sales Literature

Sales Literature from Clann Associates, Hampshire

Sales literature 1Sales Literature from Clann Associates, Hampshire, can save you money by utilising photography and artwork produced for your website and e-catalogs.

All our photographic and video work is carried out at full HD resolution. This ensures not only that the website images are of the highest quality, but also that the same image resources may be used for conventional printed sales literature as well.

Examples of sales literature from Clann Associates…

Sales Literature

printed literature 2Technical products need special care where sales literature is concerned. There is always a risk, with technically complex products, that the specifics of the technical design will dominate the discussion and submerge the sales arguments.

In this example, any mention of a technical feature is always accompanied by a discussion of the benefits that are derived from those features.

Customer feedback is provided, from three independent sources. Positive user experience gives confidence to prospects, especially from well respected users in the field.

The rear page is dedicated to a detailed specification sheet since, with technically complex products, it is essential to provide sufficient detail to close the sale.

Technical Data Sheets

printed literature 3In this example – a cryogenic pump for the transfer of liquid nitrogen under controlled pressure – attention has been paid to the graphics as well as the written content. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, but only if the image is clear and properly illustrates what is happening. Here, photo-graphix – a combination of photographic images with illustration – is used to provide a cut-away of the inside of the vessel to show a heating element vapourising the liquid.

Clann Associates can be trusted with writing copy for your technical products and services. We have a sound engineering background that covers many disciplines.

Flyers and hand-outs

printed literature 4Typically A5 in size, double-sided and in full colour, for maximum impact flyers are an excellent, low-cost way way of getting important sales messages across to prospects.

Flyers can be used at exhibitions and presentations or can be sent as direct mail shots to targeted markets. The message needs to be clear and to the point so that the prospect sees the benefits quickly, and before they get bored!

There should always be a follow up area and a call to action, to encourage the prospect to act immediately.

Outside Signage

printed literature 5It is very important to maintain a consistent brand image. Prospects and customers are becoming overwhelmed with information and are spoilt for choice in most commodity decisions.

As the number of choices increases, so the time prospects are prepared to spend making a decision reduces. A consistent image helps in a number of ways.

A strong logo helps the brand to be remembered and consistency across all publicity media, signage, sales brochures, letterheads etc. giving an impression of a strong reliable company.

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Clann Associates are proud to announce that from 2013 additional photographic services are provided by our associate partners PRW Photography and Owen Silverwood Photography.