Website Prices

Website Prices

Website Prices Guide from Clann Associates…

website pricesWebsite prices are always difficult to establish, as each project is different. However, at Clann Associates we try to give the very best value for money. Working from low cost premises our associates help to keep costs as low as possible. Our prices are therefore very competitive. Do not confuse our products with those offered by template based design services. The prices may be similar but the products are very different. Clann Associates offer bespoke services at off-the-shelf prices. Please enquire.

Website Design – Price Guide

  • website prices 2Website Starter Packs begin at only £499 for a 6 page site.
  • Professional and Corporate Packs are available. Please enquire.
  • Website design includes help with the selection of a suitable web address, registration and uploading to the hosting site.
  • Face to face meetings – regardless of website size – ensure the appropriate selection and incorporation of suitable ‘Keywords’ that enable search engines to seek and locate your website.
  • Ongoing SEO optimisation and ad-campaign management ensures good traffic flow to your site.

360 Degree Spin – Price Guide

  • website prices 3360 Degree Spin Starter Packs begin at only £19 per product*.
  • 12, 24, 36 and 72 shot variations
  • 72 shot HD High Definition versions for Virtual Showroom use – (see below)
  • Animations and annotations help explain product features and benefits

* (12 shots / 10 products /New Client Discount)

Virtual Showroom – Price Guide

  • website prices 4Virtual Showroom Starter Packs begin at only £99.
  • Several 360 Degree Product Spin images are incorporated within an eCatalog for sales use at exhibitions or with data tablets for use as product demo sales tools.
  • Virtual showroom eliminates the need for ‘real’ products at exhibitions and trade shows – hence, booth sizes can be substantially reduced offering significant cost savings. Watch Demo Video
  • Start with one or two products and add others at a later time.
  • Incorporate PDF data sheets, annotations, animations and still images to better illustrate products features and benefits.
  • No need for internet or wifi connection – everything can be buit-in to the hardware!

Business Videos – Price Guide

  • website prices 5Business Video Packs start at only £499 for a 2 minute video.
  • Professional and Corporate Packs are available. Please enquire.
  • Face to face discussions ensure needs are well understood.
  • Still and motion images – plus graphics and text – produce a video which communicates to your customers and is well remembered.
  • Video Testimonials shot at your customer’s location
  • All productions include a choice of royalty free music, copies of the video on DVD and hosting on YouTube.

eCatalogs – Price Guide

  • website prices 6eCatalog Starter Packs begin at only £299 for a 6 page catalogue.
  • Professional and Corporate Packs are available. Please enquire.
  • Face to face meetings – regardless of catalogue size – ensure the appropriate selection and incorporation of suitable material.
  • Pages can be added and modified later.



Clann Associates, located in Hampshire, offer a wide range of Website Design, Website Photography, Website Video and Website Graphic Design skills. Products include Photo GraphicsPhoto MontagesIllustrationsLogo designComputer Graphics and eCatalogue design.

Additionally we offer first-class, low cost professional website photography services. Our mobile studio can bring all the necessary equipment to your working location where we can photograph your people, your premises and your products. Alternatively you can send your products to one of our studios conveniently located in London or Hampshire.

Studio photography, either in Hampshire or London, can involve straightforward product photography or 360 degree spin photography. The 360 degree spin process is explained here and some examples can be seen here. If you are not sure how many shots you may require this page may help and if you want some extra features check out our options page. 360 degree spin photography allows online users to examine an object by rotating and tilting the object to provide a full 360 degree view. The technique provides users with an opportunity to learn more about any object using virtual reality VR photography.

360 degree spin photography gives online shoppers a better appreciation of product details such as the shape, colour and size etc. In short, 360 degree spin photography offers on-line shoppers a better retail experience! An additional service from Clann Associates is that of professionally produced website video.

Website video will enhance your visitor experience and keep them on site for longer. Web video marketers find they can reach audiences by creating compelling video content and we can help. Corporate videosvideo testimonialsproduct videosHow To videosInfoGraphics videos and Landing Page videos, are all available from Clann Associates, Hampshire.

Clann Associates are proud to announce that from 2013 additional photographic services are provided by our associate partners PRW Photography and Owen Silverwood Photography.