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corporate videos

Corporate Videos can, in just a few minutes, introduce your Company to your customers and prospects. The introduction will be made using precisely the right words and images that will present the very best impression.

Essentially, corporate videos are business tools – and in most cases are produced to either create business, save costs or reduce risk. Whilst corporate videography has been with us for over 30 years, it is only in the past 10 years that it has really started to mature. Considered traditionally to be an expensive means of communicating your message, a corporate video can now be within the reach of companies and organisations of all sizes – and sometimes provides a much more cost-effective tool than traditional methods such as printing or one-to-one presentations of a corporate message.


Corporate Videos from Clann Associates are not as costly as you may imagine – please check out our Price Guide for more details and then contact us soon!

Video is a dynamic medium, and can help create and enforce your company image. It is especially useful when you want to demonstrate products or events that are not easy to show your clients in normal circumstances – such as the operation of large plant or machinery, medical procedures, repetitive sales presentations, high-risk experiments or one-off situations.

Video has many benefits as a communication medium. One of the main benefits is that people are already very familiar with television, and the vast majority of businesses and households have access to the technology to watch a video programme – be it on a TV screen, a CDROM presentation or streamed from a website. Video will also deliver a consistent message, which is particularly important when delivering training or instructional information.