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Landing Page Videos


Examples of Landing Page Videos from Clann…

Landing Page VideosLanding Page Videos – once the province of only the home page, video is now affordable for all business ventures and many enterprises are incorporating short landing page videos into their website on a number of pages. Search engines rank videos at a rate of about 53x mere words.

Videos grab the visitor’s attention and help to retain interest for longer. A good video can inform, in just a few seconds, and will help the visitor to retain an image of your website that will last much longer than the written word.

Landing page videos from Clann Associates come in all shapes, sizes and costs. Please enquire today.


Landing Page Videos come in all shapes and sizes and serve a number of purposes. The videos shown here are by way of example only and are generally logo animations which remind the visitor of the corporate identity. Other forms of Landing Page Video include product videos or infographic videos. Please enquire about which form of video best suits your enterprise.

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