Product Demo Videos

Product Demo Videos

Examples of Product Demo Videos/Explainer Videos from Clann…

product demo videosProduct demo videos, or explainer videos as they are sometimes known, help your customers to understand how your products and services work.

Product demo videos are just like having your best sales people delivering their best pitch ever – always using the right words, never a hesitation, perfect timing and with a full grasp of the full technical specification.


A product demo video demonstrates how a product works, with customer reviews; this can provide solid evidence that the product can indeed solve a particular problem. It sets off an emotional trigger that text simply won’t do, ultimately influencing buying decisions positively.

The obvious point of making a video is to drive more traffic to your website. You need to brand your video with your URL, both at the beginning and at the very end. Your video will also be available to other website owners, and if they decide to use your video on their websites, it will further boost your traffic and give you important search engine back-links.

The power of the demo product video is clear — you can capture your product’s best features benefits and at the same time entertain and engage your audience. Plus, with social media so powerful today, it’s easier for fans to pass around to tell their own peers why they love your product so much!

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