electronic catalogues – what are the benefits?

electronic catalogues – what are the benefits?

electronic catalogueselectronic catalogues – there are several advantages over printed versions…

Electronic catalogues offer many advantages over their printed equivalents…

  • no minimum print order to worry about – saves you money!
  • No out of date stock piling up – saves you money!
  • Send out as e-mail attachments – no postage costs – saves you money!
  • Uses the same artwork as your website – saves you money!
  • Send regular updates to e-mail – customers kept up to date and contacted regularly!
  • Website and eCatalogs are visually in harmony – impresses your customers!
  • eco-friendly – not a single tree chopped down!

To see some examples of recent electronic catalogues from Clann Associates please click here.

Electronic catalogues are the modern vehicle to effectively showcase business products or services in a way that will GRAB customer attention. An electronic catalogue is the place where you can easily view products from the comfort of your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. Electronic catalogues provide detailed information about products or services with relevant images, and technical specifications so the customer can easily make a purchasing decision.

Technology advances daily and website visitors steadily gain confidence in web information. The internet is the perfect platform for promoting your business products or services and electronic catalogues can increase brand visibilty for your company.

Some key benefits of electronic catalogues…

  • Electronic catalogues are easily edited and modified. Most printed catalogues are out of date before the ink is dry and there is a reluctance to make any changes because of the financial investment in the stock of printed material. There is no minimum print order to worry about and changes can be made IN AN INSTANT! HUGE cost savings!
  • Electronic catalogues GRAB attention and help to CONVERT enquiries into orders. They can be sent out as email attachments at very low cost. No postage costs! HUGE cost savings!
  • Customers can be regularly kept up to date with your product improvements and changes. They feel involved and enlightened. You have frequent opportunities for regular customer contact and they appreciate it! customers kept up to date and contacted regularly!
  • At Clann Associates we use create the artwork using high resolution photography and HD Video so that electronic catalogues can incorporate the very best quality images. The same image resources can be used for your website as well as any printed flyers or outside signage. HUGE cost savings!
  • Websites, catalogues, merchandise, signage all in vbisual harmony – IMPRESS your customers!
  • If you are thinking of adopting an online marketing strategy then please contact us for further information about electronic catalogues from Clann Associates.

To see some examples of recent electronic catalogues from Clann Associates please click here.

Clann Associates are proud to announce that from 2013 additional photographic services are provided by our associate partners PRW Photography and Owen Silverwood Photography.

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