WordPress Support Plans

WordPress Support Plans

Security is a big topic these days. Sites have been hacked and people are worried. But there’s plenty that we together can do to secure your site.

WordPress Support Plans

WordPress Support Plans – 

Your website can never be 100% secure. Hackers are always trying new things and discovering new vulnerabilities to exploit. The on-line world changes quickly and the same is true of security. Good security is about minimizing risk. If anybody tries to sell you a 100% secure solution, they’re kidding you. You’ll never be completely safe, but there’s a lot you, and we, can together do to minimize your risk.

The reality is that over 20% of the world’s websites are using WordPress, which makes it a huge target. So you need to be smart. You need to keep things updated and follow the best practices.

But there’s a fine balance to be struck between security and usability, as sometimes locking down your site makes it secure, but it then becomes hard to use. Sometimes making your site easier to use makes it less secure. Together, using WordPress Support Plans we can find the right balance.

One of the biggest security vulnerabilities in WordPress is old software. WordPress is updated fairly
frequently and whenever there’s a new security issue an update is issued immediately. But that doesn’t do you any good if you’re not keeping your installation up to date. You also need to keep your themes and plugins up to date as they can have security issues as well.

Your security is only as good as your password. If you’ve got a simple password, you’ve got a simple site to hack. You need to use strong passwords. Your password should have numbers, capitals, special characters (@, #, *, etc.) and be long and unique.

Your own strong password is useless if another admin has a weak one. You need to manage your users. Not everybody needs admin access. The more people with admin access, the more chances to hack your site. Make sure you’re only giving admin access to the people who truly need it. And make sure those few admins are following good security practices. Remember to update or remove users when you have staff transitions.

If anything ever goes wrong with your site, you want to be able to get it back up quickly. That means you need a backup plan. In order for backup to work, it needs to be complete and automatic. Backing up your database isn’t enough. That will save your content, but you’ll still have to rebuild your entire site, including theme tweaks and plugin settings. And if your backup isn’t automatic, you’ll forget about it.

Get a powerful backup tool, such as BackupBuddy, to keep your site safely backed up and ready to be restored. Alternatively, take out a WordPress Support Plan from Clann Associates and relax, knowing that regular backups are being made of your database and all your files – including all your blogs and news items. We can make backups to your server, to our computers or to cloud-based storage solutions. If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us now.

WordPress Support Plans…

…are made for your specific requirements. Please give us a call and let us discuss your needs and the best WordPress Support Plans for you.

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