WordPress website design

 Wordpress website design from Clann Associates…

WordPress website design

Clann Associates are pleased to announce the addition of WordPress website design skills to their range of capabilities. WordPress websites offer significant advantages to users who wish to edit areas of their website themselves, or who wish to incorporate blogs.
Additionally, Search Engine Optimisation – SEO – is more easily managed using WordPress and although some users may find the standard templates rather restricting, Clann Associates are able to offer a wider choice of styles by editing the html code ‘behind the scenes’ to give that bespoke appearance without sacrificing the easy editing benefits of WordPress website design.

Advantages of WordPress

  • It’s logical and straightforward to develop a WordPress website, especially as many themes can simply and easily be plugged in with the click of a button.
  • Just a basic knowledge of some languages, such as PHP, HTML and CSS, can help you to alter an existing theme to make it your own.
  • Updating any content within the pages of your website, and adding more, is very easy by taking advantage of the powerful backend of a WordPress website. As WordPress was originally created as blogging software, updating it really is easy for anyone.
  • The WordPress community is large and vibrant, offering everything from tutorials to a vast amount of free plugins that can visually or technically enhance your website design.
  • If you wish to reach the top results of a search within Google, you’ll be happy to know that WordPress offers many search engine optimisation options that can help to make you more visible to search engines.

WordPress has grown in popularity massively over the last few years, with many website designers insisting that there is no content management system (CMS) that can match it in ease of use. Keeping a website up to date with the latest content, is very easy using this system without needing to be an expert in any website programming languages. With a mountain of added extras to enjoy such as a wealth of free or paid plugins and themes as well, your company website design could quickly start to take shape.

Clann Associates are proud to announce that from 2013 additional photographic services are provided by our associate partners PRW Photography and Owen Silverwood Photography.

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